The secret way the Big Bang Theory was able to film Kaley Cuoco normally when she had a broken leg

Kaley Cuoco had quite a trip behind the scenes on The Big Bang Theory. As we’ll reveal, she suffered a terrible leg injury and one that nearly ended her time on the show.

On another side, she was also involved in a romantic drama with co-star Johnny Galeckialthough fans know nothing.

Nevertheless, everything would be fine for the actress, she is in perfect health these days, while expecting a child and on good terms with Galecki. Not only that, but she also earns millions on a backend salary for TBBTsomething that will remain true for many years to come.


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It was nearly taken away from Cuoco years ago in 2010. We’ll come back to the traumatic experience and how it nearly ended the show. Kaley ended up returning to the set and her role was changed slightly due to the injury. Yet, fans never noticed his leg injury thanks to the clever work of the writers and production team.

Chuck Lorre thought the Big Bang Theory was over when Kaley Cuoco broke her leg

Kaley Cuoco is a big horseback riding advocate. However, this carries a major risk. Cuoco, unfortunately, learned this the hard way. The Dangerous Situation took place in 2010, three years after The Big Bang Theory debuted. Cuoco was taking lessons. When she fell off her horse, things got worse when the horse stepped on her left leg. She was immediately taken to the hospital and at that time there was a lot of uncertainty.

Lorre in particular, I thought the show was coming to an end. He told People: “It was the darkest and scariest time of all twelve years. [of the show]said Lorre. “Kaley could have lost her leg. It was a series of miracles that got us through this and for her to come out healthy.”

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Luckily, they wasted no time getting Cuoco to operate. Lorre will also note that Cuoco was lucky in landing on one of the best surgeons available.

“She was in surgery with the best surgeons available to stop an infection because her leg was wide open. It was an absolutely miraculous procedure that I saw Dr. Steve,” Lorre said. “Every time I see him, I say, ‘Thank you! You saved Kaley! On a lesser level, you have saved The Big Bang Theory!'”

Kaley Cuoco was first told she would never walk again

Cuoco’s early diagnosis was frightening. As if having surgery wasn’t scary enough, the actress had to sign a waiver, agreeing to all the terms, including the possibility of losing her leg.

Cuoco recalled, “Before I had the surgery, they made me sign something that said, ‘You don’t know until you’re there and you see that leg, and it might be that you don’t have it anymore.’ It wasn’t, of course, but I had to sign something that said, “OK, you can.”

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Cuoco remembered another trauma, being told she might never walk again.

“Everything went well, and I was up and working a week later, but the doctors acted like I was never going to walk again. It’s still too much for me, and it sounded a lot worse than It wasn’t. And of course it was spiraling and everyone was freaking out, which I understand. It scared people.

Finally, everything was fine. However, The Big Bang Theory was delayed. But everything went well, thanks to a clever tactic.

The Big Bang Theory Put Kaley Cuoco’s Character Behind The Bar, Fans Only Saw Her Waist-Down

So how did The Big Bang Theory hide Kaley Cuoco’s leg injury? Well, there were a few scenarios. Similar to Friends and Matt LeBlanc’s Joey character, the show had the option of having Penny sustain an injury on the show, explaining the cast.

However, Chuck Lorre and the sitcom decided otherwise, simply making Penny a bartender at The Cheesecake Factory. This would mean that Cuoco was shot from the waist down, without seeing the injury. It was a wise decision and one that would lead to some great scenes, like some hilarious interactions between Penny and Sheldon.

Everything worked for the series, enjoying 12 seasons, despite the stress that came in the third year.