“The Song Of Jacob Zulu” arrives at the Performing Arts Center in Tulsa

A Broadway show is back on stage for the first time in nearly three decades.

‘The Song of Jacob Zulu’ is playing at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center this weekend.

The show nominated for six Tony Awards last performed in the 90s.

Kelli McCloud-Schingen, artistic director of the World Stage Theater Company, has secured the rights to the show from the original playwright and it is debuting again in Tulsa.

“It’s a beast of a show to ride, but it’s one that was worth it,” McCloud-Schingen said.

It’s been a dream of hers ever since she saw the original production of “The Song of Jacob Zulu.”

“It haunted me. And I thought that one day I would like to either direct it or be on this show,” she said.

The play takes place during apartheid in South Africa.

Based on a true story, it is about a man named Jacob Zulu.

He was radicalized by the African National Congress and to fight against racism, he joined a movement and was accused of an act of terrorism.

The plot is told through flashbacks in a courtroom and with powerful music from the choir.

“This very specific South African story has global appeal, especially right now,” McCloud-Schingen said.

Chaston Fox is the lead.

“It’s the role of a lifetime. And to be the second person to play Jacob Zulu is an honor,” Fox said.

McCloud-Schingen said the playwright gave him permission to do the show and he will be in the audience this weekend.

“I really hope they let it into their hearts and realize that you know, we have to do better as humans. And listen to someone’s story so we can realize that we’re alike more than we are different”, McCloud- says Schingen.

She ensures that the piece and the message it contains are not forgotten.

“I hope they come away with the beauty of this experience, even if it’s also a tragedy,” McCloud-Schingen said.

You can find tickets here: The Song of Jacob Zulu (tulsapac.com)