Thief targets Maui performing arts venue, forcing play to be canceled

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – Maui police are investigating a burglary at the Maui Academy of Performing Arts in Wailuku.

It happened one day on Monday. The academy canceled Thursday’s performance of “Almost Maine” after a burglar stole more than $7,000 worth of costumes, props and personal items.

The theater says the thief somehow got past security guards just a day after the show’s opening weekend in front of a sold-out crowd.

Venue staff said that after the initial grief, they were able to take a step back.

“We felt violated to have had our space disrupted in this way, and then after the initial shock of it all – well, for starters, it’s all winter clothes. What are you gonna do with that in Hawaii? But after more thinking, there was empathy,” MAPA Deputy Artistic Director Hoku Pavao said.

“The empathy definitely came into play because what they took and what they could have taken, they picked clothes, and it made us think back to our community and that person and what would have could have gone through their heads at that time.”

Despite Thursday’s cancellation, the show is set to continue later in the week. The theater plans to resume performances on Friday evening.

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