This Telugu film with a Tamil actor made Karnataka history

The film was not only released in Andhra Pradesh but also in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

Legendary Tamil actor Kamal Haasan played the lead role in Maro Charitra, released in 1978.

The Telugu film Maro Charitra by filmmaker K Balachander, released in 1978, was a huge box office success. The film starred legendary Tamil actor Kamal Haasan and actress Sarita in the lead roles. The film holds a single hit record for over two years in Karnataka.

Balachander and Kamal Haasan collaborated 44 years ago to create this hit film, which boasts a rare feat in the history of the Telugu film industry. The film was also written by Balachander. Saritha and Sarath Babu played prominent roles in the film.

The story revolved around a young Tamil man and a young Telugu woman. They fall in love, but the families do not approve of their relationship.

The film was not only released in Andhra Pradesh but also in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Even though the film was in the Telugu language, it ran for a year in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and also Tamil Nadu. It even lasted two years in Bengaluru although it was not dubbed in Kannada. The film aired in Bengaluru for 693 consecutive days and it ran for 350 days at the Gayatri Theater in Mysore.

Prior to Maro Charitra, Anthuleni Katha starring Kamal Haasan and directed by Balachander was well received in Andhra and even screened successfully for 100 days. Maro Charitra ran for 596 days at Chennai Sapphire Theater and 450 days at Theater Royal, Coimbatore. It still holds the record for longest running Telugu film in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

During pre-production, Balachander struggled to find a suitable heroine for Maro Charitra, according to the story. Even after auditioning 161 women, he wasn’t satisfied. The 162nd wife was Abilasha. She was from Guntur district in Andhra Pradesh and was in class 10 at the time.

While others disliked, Balachander chose her as the heroine. She later changed her name to Sarita. She then made her debut with Balachander.

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