Turning Red Star Rosalie Chiang offers advice for performing arts kids

turn red Star Rosalie Chiang has given some advice to young viewers looking to break into the performing arts. She plays Mei in the beloved Pixar film. Despite some cries from the media, turn red is still crushing the streaming landscape right now. It’s been the number one movie on Disney+ for weeks now. Disney Parks Blog caught up with the star to learn more about her story. She liked to work on turn red and is amazed at the fan response to all of their work. You can see what Chiang had to say below in the YouTube clip.

Comicbook.com actually had the chance to speak with the turn red star. She thinks the film is broad enough that the themes can be open to interpretation. “I think it’s the different messages that people have picked up. I feel like when I first saw the movie, I thought, ‘Oh yeah, that’s just a question of change. It is a question of disorder. “However, we spoke to a lot of people, and I feel like they all picked their own thing. It shows how universal this film is and how anyone can enjoy it and pick it up. their own thing.”

When the subject shifted to the mother/daughter relationship at the center of turn red, the actress thought that Mei had points. “Ooh. I mean, like Sandra takes the parents, I take the side of the kids, because I’m still a kid. And I’ve been through what Mei has been through — besides turning into a giant red panda. But I think on both sides, every side is well-meaning,” she explained. “There is no malice. There is [not] any malicious intent behind any of the characters actions. I think it’s really important to understand, that the kid is not trying to rebel. It’s not like when we have a difference of opinion, it doesn’t mean we’re trying to argue or…”

“For us, it was just important not to run away from all the awkward, awkward moments and memories that we all had of being a tween,” director and co-writer Domee Shi told the site this year. “Moments of being under your bed and going into a vigorous drawing spiral in your secret sketchbook, or magical puberty hitting you in the middle of your class and your mother embarrassing you horribly. I think that for us, if it could give us a visceral reaction in the story room, we knew we had to put it somewhere in the movie I think if the whole message of the movie is that Mei embraces all this messy change in his life, his body, his relationship with his mother and his friends, it meant that we also had to come to terms with the messiness of our childhood and adolescence.”

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