Viola Davis’ Pressed Lips For Michelle Obama Movie Gives Meme Memes

Viola Davis recently opened up about her role as Michelle Obama for her upcoming movie, but social media users can’t stop talking about her pressed lips as it leads to hilarious memes.

The actress, who is known for her stellar performances, recently opened up about the hard work that went into bringing Michelle’s character to life. While we think Viola did a phenomenal job, people picked up on one little thing that they noticed.

Ever since the footage from the film was released, Viola’s pressed lips have become the talk of the town.

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Viola Davis’ pressed lips give rise to memes

Whenever it’s an autobiography, every actor tries to make sure they’re able to capture every little habit and action of the character they’re portraying. Bearing that in mind, we’re not surprised that VBiola tried to do just that.

The actress has shown incredible acting skills bringing the character Annalize Keating, Aibileen Clark and others to television and the big screen. When it came to portraying the former First Lady, Viola made sure every little thing was considered.

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It also gave rise to the pressed lips which became a constant topic of town conversation.

Memes flood Twitter

Twitter users are quick to share memes and this situation was no different. Fans were quick to share some of their best memes and here are a few:

What did the actress say about her role?

Viola spoke about her role in an interview with EO. She said, “It’s definitely not like any other job, because we’re playing iconic characters that people own, people know that.”

She continued, “I mean, with Michelle Obama anyway, they know how she talks, how she walks, how she does her hair, the different incarnations of her eyebrows…I didn’t feel like I could approach like any other character. ”

However, the actress admitted that it was nice to work alongside OT Fagbenle, who plays Barack Obama. She said, “I love playing the lightness of their relationship and the fun,” Davis says. “I love that they have a good marriage. I’ve played a lot of tortured souls, tortured marriages and tortured relationships. So it was great to be in the middle of this monumental position. But the friendship that I felt they had and shared – and the respect Barack has for Michelle – it was a joy to play.

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