Watch a 10-Year-Old Film Critic Criticize Batman Returns for Violence

Danny DeVito from Batman Returns

Danny DeVito from Batman Returns
Photo: Robyn Peck (AFP via Getty Images)

Since the backlash aimed at 1997 batman and robin, the live-action Batman movies took on a decidedly darker tone. The company’s line on this stuff, among fans at least, is the darker / grittier / brooder the better. From Nolan to Snyder, and now Matt Reevesthe Dark Knight embraced the shadows, breaking the legs of countless impoverished Gothamites in gruesome detail.

But it has not always been so. The reason Joel Schumacher’s Batman films took on a lighter tone was because of how deep the films went into the twisted mind of Tim Burton™. The reaction to Return of Batman was, uh, not great. Too violent, too dark and too excited, the parents shouted at the film’s business partners. McDonald’s, in particular, has suffered controversy due to its Return of Batman-Happy Meal themed toys.

It wasn’t just the parents who complained. Some kids were mad at the penguin drooling black slime and Catwoman turning a man’s face into a game of tic-tac-toe. USA todayJunior summer film critic Danny Slaski, 10, was one such critic in 1992, and it’s all documented in an excerpt from Faith Daniels’ talk show, To look closer.

recently shared by Found Footage Festa comedy collective known for discover, share and soak On old VHS tapes, the clip of Slaski panning the film is already doing the rounds on Twitter, because how could it be otherwise?

“It was very violent,” Slaski said. “It was an all-out attack on children, the whole movie. Everything children love is used against them: clowns, even the Penguin had a duck, presents and mobiles.

The footage has been online for several years now, but the collective has relaunched the clip, like a troop of cats gnawing on Catwoman’s fingers. However, the whole clip of To look closer reveals elements of the whole controversy. Parents Pissed About Marketing, Baby Girl Who Came Out of the return of batman after 30 minutes, and a guy named Brad Curl complaining about “horny boy movies”.

Curl is right when he predicts that he doesn’t expect McDonald’s to start again. Three years later, Warner Bros. was going out batman foreverand McDonald’s chose to sell a series of really cool glasses that this writer drank at every meal from 1995 to 2005.

Watch the whole video below: