Weedmaps Tackles Cannabis Marketing Censorship With Scheduled Super Bowl Digital Spot

WM Technology, Inc. PLANS and weed cards strategically launched a digital commercial spot timed for the most-watched TV event of the year, just before Super Bowl 56, a business extravaganza they tried but failed to make the cut.

Weedmaps Digital Advertising personifies cannabis like Brock Ollie, a head of broccoli, the vegetarian emoji commonly used as a visual representation of cannabis in marketing, the 30-second spot gives viewers a glimpse into a day in the life of Brock Ollie, whose superfood identity is up in smoke because he is repeatedly mistaken for cannabis. The ad is a humorous take on the challenges facing the industry as a whole, including social media censorship and a lack of consistent advertising regulations, limiting cannabis-related spots at TV events to nationwide, like the big game.

“Despite three-quarters of the country having legalized cannabis and the bipartisan enthusiasm we continue to see for change at the federal level, the industry continues to face barriers that impede competition in the legal market and stifle educational opportunities”, Chris Beal, said the CEO of Weedmaps. “There is an irony that the biggest advertising night will feature an array of consumer brands in regulated industries, from alcoholic beverages to sports betting, but legal cannabis retailers, brands and businesses have been put in the spotlight. box.”

“Ad restrictions are only part of a much bigger problem,” Beals continued. “Objective and reliable cannabis information is integral to the continued growth of this industry. The lack of such information and the current limitations that hinder cannabis education continue to negatively impact other areas, such as medical research, and it’s time we started to address it.

Photo: Courtesy of Gina Coleman

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