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World University of Design invites applications from students who wish to pursue their passion in Performing arts as a career. Admissions are open to a 4-year program in BPA, a 2-year program in MPA and a doctorate in dance and music with an option for UK 2+2 or 3+1 degree.

Forms are available at

Performing arts students in India usually undertake their graduation studies in fields like sociology or history as professional performing arts programs were not available. PThe programs introduced by WUD fill this gap. The programs are designed with a futuristic program focused on emerging trends in the global performing arts scenario, with comprehensive professional inputs in aesthetics, production, costume design, administration and digital. All programs are UGC approved.

Post-covid, live performance professions have also exploded in providing viable and lucrative career options for students. World University of Design with its broad collective of creative courses is uniquely positioned to provide the comprehensive ecosystem needed to build a career in Performing Arts/Dance/Music. Career opportunities exist as a performer, therapist, administrator, educator, production designer, choreographer, composer, actor, director, researcher, subject matter expert, metaverse user, and more.

To be admitted to the BPA course, applicants must have passed the Grade 12 certificate of achievement from any recognized school board. However, candidates with a background in the performing arts will be given preference when it comes to admissions.

The undergraduate course will prepare the student with a solid grounding in the theories of performance, the nuances of classical, folk and contemporary arts, the rudiments of production and presentation as well as a rigorous overview of the area of ​​specialization to be namely: dance (classical / contemporary) or musical studies (classical / modern). They will be exposed to the practical and theoretical practices of performance and introduced to literary, historical, traditional and cultural explorations of the performing arts across cultures, therapeutic practices and arts administration. As an extension of the learning received during the current crisis, students will also learn the use and mastery of digital media to promote and present the performing arts.

All courses include elements of cross-media communication, both spoken written formats, language and presentation skills, storytelling as the core of performance art, and acting (abhinaya) as part indivisible from the mastery of the arts. Management is a core stream that runs through all learning initiatives, preparing students for a strong and strengthened future in the industry.

WUDit is performing arts programs are comprehensively designed to prepare an in-depth “performing arts professional” who is not only an expert in the chosen area of ​​specialization, but also an in-depth generalist in terms of performance management, production, promotion and presentation. Graduates will also be well placed to take advantage of the opportunities created in the metaverse.

World University of Design (WUD) is India’s first university devoted to the education of students in the creative field. Sitting at the heart of India’s educational hub –Rajiv Gandhi Education City, Sonipat, Haryana – WUD is playing the role of forerunner of a revolution in the educational system in India. He has been a torchbearer for breaking stereotypical educational models and has facilitated the shift of design studies from being purely vocation-oriented to academically oriented; thus offering justified diplomas (under articles 2 (f) and 22 (l) of the UGC law) to its students instead of just diplomas and certificates.